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Bryce Mercer

Bryce Mercer, Middle School Science

Bryce Mercer has worked in education for fifteen years, initially in several school districts around Oregon, followed by a seven year stretch in Bellevue, Washington, and then two years in the Boise School District.  Bryce earned his Bachelors of Science and Masters in Education from Willamette University and prefers to teach Chemistry, but is certified in all natural sciences.  Additionally, Bryce is a National Board Certified Teacher, has participated in the Fulbright Teacher Exchange Program to Turkey, and is an active partner in the MJ Murdock Partners in Science Program.

Bryce attempts to keep himself in shape and busy when not in the classroom by doing a variety of outdoor activities.  He runs races, tunnels deep into caves, shoots photography, commutes by bike, attempts all sorts of snow sports, climbs mountains, dives in warm waters, thinks about writing poetry, and is an expert at petting cats.  Bryce’s current challenge is helping to raise his daughter who was born May of 2014.

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