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Alexa Ochsner
Alexa Ochsner

Alexa Ochsner, Administrative Assistant/Front Desk (2nd thru 12th)

Alexa is a Boise native and happy to be a part of the Sage community as a parent and staff member!  She has a background in the legal field, as a newspaper editor and did volunteer work in family readiness coordination in the USMC.

She has been with Sage from the beginning and worn many hats.  She was hired part time the first year and helped out with reading groups and kindergarten.  She was also an aide in kindergarten, helped establish the eSage program the first three summers and has been an administrative assistant at the front desk of both buildings for the past 6 years.   

Alexa has two children at Sage, one of which started kindergarten the first year and will be in the first graduating class who has gone through grades K-12 at Sage. Whoo hoo!

In her spare time, she enjoys traveling to new places, camping, going to concerts, visiting with friends and family, cooking and dining out, and going on adventures with her daughters, Ava and Arabella.

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